Before we get started: This isn’t a G5 Hackintosh transformation. With a 16-inch MacBook Pro as my ‘daily carry’, and 5 functioning Macs within 5 strides of where I’m writing this, I don’t need yet another one to add to my already complex polyamorous mac-relationship. But I do need to spice things up a bit in the gaming-room with a PC.

An Apple PowerMac G5 surrounded by modding components
An Apple PowerMac G5 surrounded by modding components

Whilst I usually write about design, UX, and other Totally Cool things, there’s still a nerd living somewhere deep in my personality. This article is a holiday from the usual UX articles by me.

If, like me, you fell…

A simple way to increase inclusion in your products and meetings.

Large array of acronyms
Large array of acronyms

INB4 someone points out the difference between an acronym and an initialism.

Let’s get this out of the way ASAP: I use the terms ‘acronym’ and ‘initialism’ interchangeably to describe any phrase abbreviated to its initials regardless of if it’s pronounceability as a word. It’s an offence against the gods of grammar, to whom I shall never seek forgiveness.

TL;DR — Acronyms are a barrier for anyone already not in the club of enlightened people who have already been introduced to the definition. Stop using them.

The Enlightened’s cast scolding eyes at the person who would have interrupted to ask…

Dropping your phone might be the best thing you ever do as a UX/UI/digital product designer.

An iPhone 5S with a broken screen displaying placed on a desk.
An iPhone 5S with a broken screen displaying placed on a desk.

I’m a UX designer.

Which means I love shiny.

It means my pocket companion is usually no more than 2 years old.

It means that I’ll sometimes watch protective film being removed from the latest iPhone on a YouTube ASMR video. (Don’t judge me)

But we lucky UX-kids are those annoying classmates in school with the rich parents’ who brought home a PlayStation 2 the day it went on sale and won’t shut up about how epic TimeSplitters is.

You’ve heard it before: “You are not the user” as the infamous Jakob Nielsen quote says.

Our UIs look sublime on…

Real-time asset generation from Adobe Photoshop mockups is a game changer for UI and web designers, and developers.

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You’ll need a copy of Adobe Photoshop CC (2014 or newer), part of the Creative Cloud suite, to use the Generator feature.

In this tutorial I shall be demonstrating how you can use Adobe Generator to export UI assets from PSDs in Adobe Photoshop, ready to for use in your website, app design or project. …

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